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The best way to contact us is to send us a booking enquiry!

Before your event

  • Pick a package or let us know what you’d like to happen.
  • Send through a booking enquiry or give us a call or email to discuss your party.
  • Pay a in full to secure your booking via direct deposit or credit card over the phone on 0403 226 280 and we’ll send a confirmation via email.
  • We will send a quick confirmation of details via text message the FRIDAY before your event.

The day of your event

  • Your entertainer will arrive approximately 10-20 minutes early to set up.
  • Sit back and enjoy your entertainment!


What do I need to provide?

Unless we’ve asked for something, we usually only require a space big enough for ourselves and the kids. We require at least one parent in view during the party. We also require protection from inclement weather. We bring all tables and chairs needed except for a space for the fairy floss machine if hired.

FOR A DISCO: We recommend a dark room (cover the windows!) and a cleared space. We need an easily accessed powerpoint and space for a small table.

FOR A SCIENCE PARTY: We need space for a medium sized table, and you need to prepare for some mess- so outdoors on a deck or grass, or in a room with tiles/floorboards is best.

FOR A MAGIC SHOW: We can only set up our big stage backdrop indoors. Clear the area of furniture so that the kids can sit on the floor. A picnic rug or two is great if the kids are on grass.

How does the fairy floss machine hire work?

Our entertainer will provide the machine and supplies, and you’ll need to provide a sturdy table close to a power point. We will run the fairy floss at approximately half way through the event. At the end of our time, we’ll take the machine away. We then clean and sterilise the machine ready for our next event. Easy!

What if I have more kids than expected?

We strongly recommend that you speak with us at time of booking about how many kids you will have, so that we can cater for all kids. Your entertainer will have to adapt your package to cater for a larger group if there are more kids on arrival. If the entertainer is available you can extend your event for $50 each half hour.

What if there are less kids than expected?

Our entertainers are able to make the face painting and balloon designs more elaborate, play more games and offer extended activities. We always have extra things on hand just incase! In fact, we LOVE these events as we get to really spoil the guests.

Can I film or photograph the entertainer while working or during a magic show?

As long as it’s fine with other parents, absolutely! We love images of us at work sent to us too- our email is or text them to 0403 226 280!

How will your entertainment work with the other things I have planned, such as eating or other activities?

We are flexible and can work while other activities are going on, but if we need to stop for another activity that you have planned, that may impact on our ability to get everything done. The best thing to do is communicate with us if you have something in particular planned (other than the usual playing, mingling, eating and drinking which is never an issue) so that we can work that into our schedule. Our aim is for you to be able to relax and leave the kid-wrangling to us as much as possible, so that your event is stress free.


Kids Birthday parties have never been easier!

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