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Central Coast Nerf Battle Parties

Have you got a rowdy group of kids to entertain? Hire our Nerf Battle package to keep them entertained and wear them out!

The full Nerf battle package is designed to go for 1.5 hours long, and for up to 20 players. If you have more players, please speak to us at time of booking so that we can provide two hosts.

We begin with a safety induction, provide some training on how to use their Nerf guns, then launch in to some fun training exercises which are always competitive and sometime a bit crazy.

After this, your entertainer will lead the group in some well-loved battle games- where the players are split in to two teams. They will play goal-focussed games such as capture the flag and protect the President. 

Having a Fortnite, Battlefront. PUBG or Zombie themed party? We can work those themes in no worries!


Where can I hold a Nerf Battle?
Nerf Battles are best held outdoors or in a hall- ideally a park near your home that has a flat area with a few trees scattered around the space so players can use the trees as tactical cover in the games. If you have a large yard, the parties can be done at home. If you are worried about weather then it is great for us to use a large hall.

What happens in the event of bad weather?
If the rain is only very light, we are happy to go ahead if you are. As we generally use parks with trees they help provide some coverage and kids usually think the rain makes it more exciting! If the rain is too heavy for the party to safely go ahead, we can substitute your event with an alternative indoor suitable party package. Please see our terms and conditions for rescheduling events if you do not have a wet weather plan.

What do I need to provide?
All you need to provide is food and drinks for the kids! We ask that a parent stays in sight during our time with the party also in case of any issues.

Is there anything I should not provide?
We ask that you don’t bring any of your own Nerf guns or darts. This is mostly just to avoid confusion as to which items belong with our kit but it can also cause conflict amongst the kids over who gets to use what equipment during the games.

Is there anything I need to tell you?
It is a good idea to inform your host if any of the guests have special needs. While our events are designed to be inclusive for all, there are times when awareness of children with behavioural conditions can allow the host to adjust their performance sightly to ensure they feel safe and included.

Is there a limit to the number of children I can invite?
For our battle parties we have a limit of 20 participating guests, due to the number of children who can safely be supervised, the amount of equipment provided and the pace at which the games are played. Larger numbers will require two party hosts, so enquire with the office if you have more than 20 kids.

Is there an age limit for this party?
Our Nerf War events are suitable for ages 6+. We are happy to have 1 or 2 younger players on the field but they will need assistance from a parent.

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